We often find ourselves walking through design fairs surrounded with new and exciting products, textures and finishes yet when our eye catches sight of a fluffy white chair, it’s like tunnel vision, we get completely distracted and we beeline straight for it.

We have seen many in our time, in varying shapes and sizes and all are tantalising in their own right.  So what is it about them that we find so appealing?  If it would be in a different colour, I doubt it would have the same effect.  It has to be white and it has to be irresistibly fluffy to touch.   What can I say, it’s seductive to the senses!   White and tactile – the temptation to touch is too overwhelming!

Saying that, we do simply admire it from a [albeit close] distance, and are yet to include one in an SQD interior.  Maybe the practical outweighs the desire. But one day, the romantic and nostalgic nature of the white fluffy chair, complemented with a Jane Austen novel and a cup of hot chocolate,   will prevail and make an appearance, pride of place, in a Studio QD interior.   Watch this space!