Painted wooden floors must be one of the most aesthetically pleasing design feature you can commission for any interior. Although we all love white washed floorboards, why not go a step further and treat the floor like you would a carpet, area rug or any other type of floor for that matter, and apply colour and pattern to your boards. With the texture of the wood and the unrelated pattern painted on top, it truly is a feast for the eyes. Depending on the colour palette and design, it automatically enhances the playful nature of the interior to a lesser or more degree which immediately makes the space feel individually unique and consequently seductive.

Personally we love it when the artist or designer really embraces the playful nature of this design feature and emulates a different style of floor painted on top of the textured floor boards. For example a monochrome black and white marble floor in diamond formation sitting on top of straight planks. It teases the eye, yet looks absolutely fantastic!

We also love it when the floor is treated like a blank canvas and is used to have a bespoke piece of artwork painted on top of it. This works brilliantly in small spaces and with the amazing range and quality of floor paints your artwork never looks spoilt no matter how many footprints walk over it. It is actually much more practical than area rugs, if you need the colour but not necessarily the texture.
It adds colour, warmth and originality to any space. If you find yourself with floor boards lacking in good plank width, colour and quality… get painting!