Our studio have always loved the play of real and faux within a space whenever possible.  Not only does it allow the unbelievable talent of our specialist painters’ work to be showcased alongside the real thing, but it also creates a whimsical feel within the room, as the client doesn’t know what is real or fake.  It also enhances the tactile nature of the space, as you need to use all your senses in order to identify what is faux, and who doesn’t love that!  Marbliseing in bathrooms is a perfect example of this, and our fantastic team of specialist painters are able to emulate perfect slabs of marble every time, whether it be on applied panels, decorative columns or vanity units.

Although we appreciate an exact copy we also like to experiment with the playful nature of trompe l’oeil and go a step further and play with scale and colour.  Following the true inspiration of Dorothy Draper.   By doing this you can use the idea of say marble, and by stylising it and playing with form you can place it in unpredictable areas within your interior and created a light-hearted and decorative finish.   For example, if you overscale marbleising in an Entry Hall and use unpredictable colours, the characteristic of the veining transforms into a 2D design which reads as completely decorative rather than a replica of its true form.