Following on from the legendary Dorothy Draper and her valued importance to plant life within interiors, we are currently obsessed with sneaking in a ficus tree wherever possible.

There is a risk, that this is a very ‘in vogue’ phenomenon and as a whole we tend to avoid what is trendy as they usually date, however this may be a trend we can get on board with.

It is important to have something living in the space, in order to create an aspect of growth along with an every-changing quality.  It also creates a sense of casualness within the space enhancing the feeling of comfort which we always strive for within our interiors.

The ficus’ leaves are a fantastic shape, not to mention colour and in a way the tree acts as a living sculpture in the space adding texture and interest. It enhances any interior without interfering in the space.  Also, practically speaking, it only needs a low light level so can be placed in a semi-dark space and immediately transform it.