I don’t know whether our love or rather need for a bucket of coffee in the morning plays a part in our love of this colour but whatever the reason, our studio can’t get enough.  Whether it is the shade of a macchiato, cappuccino, or latte, the colour creates a wonderful rich interior that we completely love.

Billy Baldwin was one of the first designers to use a similar colour on the walls, through tortoise-shell vinyl which created a rich coffee colour on the walls complemented with pale furnishings.  The overall effect is chic, warm and unpredictable. Delicious!

Unlike most colours, where different gradations can be found through one or other paint supplier, the various shades of coffee are illustrated best through a specialist paint effect.   In order to do the ‘colour of coffee’ justice, you need the movement of the milky lighter tones to mix in with the darker shades, which a flat colour just can’t emulate.  It also needs to have a sheen or be in a gloss finish.  We find that with most rich colours, including this one, it works better in a gloss finish, as the element of reflection allows the density of colour to be somewhat masked in the surface reflection.